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Why CERTifyTax?

Our team of professionals understands the gaps in legacy ECM systems and other solutions based upon audit defense experience. We know firsthand the impact a few missing or invalid certificates may have on your bottom line when the state has performed assesses sales tax, interest, and penalties. Implementing CERTifyTax and our proven technology enabled services are necessary elements for businesses to streamline the certificate acquisition and validation processes while gaining insight to the current exposure related to improperly documented exempt sales.

With GMG CERTifyTax you can implement a fully configurable exemption certificate management software which seamlessly integrates with your current ERP/CRM and tax calculation system in real time. CERTifyTax exceeds the security standards of the some of the largest companies in the country.

Lastly, GMG CERTifyTax provides fully outsourced exemption certificate management services performed by our tax professionals in order to proactively mitigate tax exposure generated by improperly documented exempt sales.

GMG CERTifyTax Outsourced Exemption Certificate Management Services Include:

Converting paper certificates to electronic files allowing them to be hosted and retrievable in CERTifyTax

  • Reviewing all existing certificates for validity and obtaining critical certificate information to accurately track certificate expirations as well as verify customer information
  • Quantifying current exposure using detailed or statistical sampling methodologies
  • Initiating “intelligent” data driven certificate acquisition campaigns to mitigate exposure related to invalid certificates
  • Reviewing all newly obtained certificates
  • Managing the prospective acquisition of expiring, missing, or invalid certificates
  • Customer support staffed by our tax analysts
  • Quarterly exposure analysis reviews with our tax attorneys and CPAs

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